Period 1
Jaelynn W., Lavonne H., Matthew S.
This video utilizes motion and voice variation to display the reaction of Friar Lawrence to Romeo's declaration of love for Juliet. Throughout the scene, Romeo's voice is uneven and raises often during his conversation; this is a reflection of his naive and eager nature. When Friar Lawrence learns that Romeo has instantaneously fallen in love with Juliet, his disbelief is mirrored by rapid and frantic movements and his voice raises in order to express his bewilderment. As the scene progresses, the Friar continues to be in constant motion to show engagement in his conversation with Romeo. However, his motions become less frenzied and he uses calmer signals to provide Romeo with a voice of reason.

Jennifer F. , Meha M. , Chloe N.
Mercution and Romeo Converse

Maiya Archie, Kat Doige

trinity, derrian, korey

Geoffrey L, Clarke S, Evan E.

Period 3

Jonathan Deng, Estelle Ndukwe, Tiffany Gilkes, Mariah Alexander
Both of them use iambic pentameter. Romeo used rhyming which showed that Romeo was childish. Our Romeo walked around a lot to show that he was excited. There is some meter variation when the friar is trying to get some sense into Romeo. (part1) (Part2)

Joseph Lambeth, Justin Rains, Christopher Bates
Commentary: This scene from Romeo and Juliet shows the variance between the tones of the two characters. Romeo's pessimism involving the party in the future is exaggerated through the iambic pentameter he uses as well as the rhyme scheme set in place.

Maya Murphy, Ayesha Rashid, Susan Retondo
Commentary: Paris has more irregular meters because he's distressed that Juliet does not love him. But, Juliet's meters are very normal because she is indifferent about how she feels towards Paris. In line 6 Paris ends with a feminine ending because he is asking Juliet a question. Juliet and Friar Lawrence have a shared line because they agree with each other. Lines 11-12 is where Juliet breaks out and has her first irregular meter including a trochee and feminine ending because in this scene she becomes more assertive towards Paris

Caleb Liu, Calvin Briscoe, Kylie Jimenez
Commentary: Because in start of this scene, the characters are talking to themselves, the meters are mostly regular. Towards the second half of the scene, Juliet is surprised by Romeo, so she begins to have more irregular meters. In the second half, Romeo also has his own irregular meters. This is most likely because of how he became excited after deciding to talk to Juliet.
Nhat Do, Aaron Jasso
Commentary: This scene has rhythm and rhymes which help to show how confused Romeo and Benvolio is. Toward Romeo's monologue, Benvolio is questioning Romeo's decision with his relationship with Juliet. Benvolio and Romeo have shared lines that follow each other to show how they share one similar viewpoint.
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Phuoc Tran, Rita Wen, Edgar
Commentary: Samson, Gregory, and Abraham speak in prose (they have no set amount of syllabels in them) because they are not of nobel birth, but instead, are servants. Tybalt and Benvolio however, speak in verse and there are nearly the same amount of syllabels in each of their lines. This is due to them being of nobility, Benvolio is Romeo's cousin, and Tybalt is Juliet's cousin. However, Gregory and Abraham have a shared line together, because they are trying to avoid a quarrel, with Abraham quickly dismissing Gregory's assumption of Abraham wanting to pick a fight.

Period 5
Aaron, Seth, Margaux and Sadie

Sammy, Kyle, Arnold, Landen

Aracely Barahona, Elyse Binayao, Kevin Domingo, Matthew F

Lynn Huynh, Will Rhoads, Grace Vollmers, Sarah Yun

Andrew Jok, Khoa Nguyen, Simon Rysin, Matthew Muro
Robert Guan, Nate Lindenburg, Edward Bittner, Eshwar Kumar

Commentary: Romeo and Friar Lawerence speak in rhyme (the last syllables are pronounced similarly) because Romeo was in overjoy and Friar Lawerence thought he was silly. Their conversation was in rhyme to show the exchange of thoughts on the subject. However, Romeo and Friar Lawerence have a shared line together, because they are trying to match other in the oral conflict.
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Akyla Nicholas, Alexandra Rojas, Mykayla Sockwell
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Estefani Medina, Zoe Bullock
Romeo and Juliet

Period 6:

Robert Rice, Erik Aguire, Dharun Anand:
Commentary: Benvolio's and Romeo's interactions are almost playful, with Benvolio finishing Romeo's lines. Benvolio' lines adhere to a strict rhythm and sound calm and composed, while Romeo's lines break from that rhythm and sound troubled and disorderly.

Sydney Shanahan, Sidney Primm, Elizabeth Hoskins
Commentary: Samson and Gregory speak in prose because they are supposed to be fools and less sophisticated. The rhythm of dialog changes to iambic pentameter once people of high class and sophistication enter the scene.