Today we used our books that we have read (East of Eden or Grapes of Wrath) and compared it to the movie that we watch last week.
The discussion goes....( there wasn't much stuff written on the board)

East of Eden Groups - themes discuss this book along with the movie and compare.
"Many father figures, some creations"
"Both EofE and PofH had a close father figure". Ms Davis Reply: "Generalized father statements with their son"
Fixed: Father's in the end will always live their sons. Parent/Child

Other topics:
Parent's have a duty to provide for their children <--instead of love and care, it became a duty.
Family responsible for family.

EofE to PofH
Wife leaves, family gets stronger
GofW to PofH
They were closer emotionally than stronger as a family because they split up, and more people join.

Later theme: We have to work together and break through of fighting for your own family and fight with and for other familys in need
because in the end, when you are fighiting for your family only, you haven't defeated the banker completely as they are hurting the other families.
To completely defeat the bank, everyone must join together. or something like that.

Other themes?:
Aspect of society is this: moral vs. evil, heirarchy, capitalism - our class says bad?