Secrets of Storytelling and Class Discussion 8.23.11
What role does storytelling play in your life?
  • It gives us a place for imagination and to dream of possibilities
  • It helps us to understand the views of life and situations of life
  • It helps for communication
  • It is always happening in our daily lives to the point where we don't even see it affected
  • It helps us to be persuasive
  • It shows us cultural similarities and differences
  • The stories sometime become real to us which shows a persons character
  • Everyone can have different versions of the story
  • Some people who do not like the character of the story might also not like the story
    • Instead of connecting with the character in whole some might connect with just one trait
      • If that doesn't work you can ask yourself if's and try to put yourself in the character's shoes
  • The characters
    • they shape the plot and the story is really understood by their actions
  • The plot
    • the plot helps to plan the story
  • The Stories
    • they help us with interactions and dealing with the world, people, and our surroundings