Topic: Revolution

Ideas/ topics/ examples
1. Up rise or facing an injustice
2. Reclaiming or gaining power
3. Violence
4. Oppression against others
5. Conspiring against others
6. A New Rule

Discussion about Power

Act I Scene 2 Line 97
  • It shows a symbol of strength
  • It shows that everyone should have the same amount of power
  • They are Claiming power while also attacking Caesar's character and the choices he makes
  • They show that Caesar is weak and that his power should be challenge
Scene 2 Line 110 - 120 and Line 142-143 also show that Caesar is weak and that many people would like to challenge his power. Caesar is just like everyone else and is no more special than anyone else. That he has nothing more than the rest of the others which leads into Conspiracy

Discussion about Conspiracy

Act I Scene 2 Line 176-178
This sparks a small revolt within Brutus and this seems like the beginning of a character change within Brutus from loyal to rebel. Cassius wants to take down Caesar and uses Brutus to help him.
Scene 2 300-304
Also shows that some characters are ready to conspire against Caesar